We are opening a new original route for small wineries of Eastern and Western Georgia. Of the 523 varieties of grapes that grow here, a small part of it is cultivated for winemaking. I want something new, and then all Saperavi and Rkatsiteli. And small farms play an important role in promoting unknown, but very colorful wines. It is there that you can taste wines like Chkhaveri, Tsolikauri, Ojaleshi pink Orbeli, Tsitska, Aladasturi, Dirbula, Krahuna, Tavkveri, Kisi. Names sound like a song. The wines of Western Georgia are lighter, sparkling, with sourness and unforgettable aroma. And so that the trip did not turn out to be too drunk, the route is laid along non-tourist places and you will see monuments that tourists have seen from the units.

In an age when we basically sit-in transport, at work, at home in front of the TV, with friends in a cafe, somehow it is forgotten that the journey can be on foot.Let’s also arrange a walking tour of the beautiful corners of Georgia, places where cars do not reach where there are no power lines and other attributes of civilization.But we will see ancient monasteries lost in forests, medieval arched bridges, ruined walls of unknown castles and endless waves of mountains covered with centuries-old forests, transparent rivers and mysterious lakes.We can offer tours near Tbilisi to the Rkoni Gorge (the monastery of the 7th, the arch bridge, the ruins of the ancient fortress), to the Aten gorge, to the gorge of the Dzama river (it is literally stuffed with antiquities) to the lost Lake Bateti. Away from Tbilisi, we will walk along the oldest in Georgia (he is more than 100 years old) Lagodekhi Reserve or the secret Eagle Gorge. In Borjomi-Kharagauli Park, the largest in Georgia (more than 1% of the country’s territory) we can offer multi-day routes, and a trip to the Mtirala Park (Colchi forest, waterfalls, lakes). We also offer hiking tours of the Caucasus Mountains, but this is a separate topic, requiring at least minimal physical training.

And we can arrange a tour of the Tbilisi yards, because they have seen so much, they keep so many secrets. Every house in the old town has its own history. Here lived Yesenin, there Tchaikovsky, and here the formidable Beria was preparing for the Kremlin take-off. The old Tbilisi entrances still preserve the charm of bourgeois pretentiousness, and the yards, with their obligatory balconies and ornate staircases, the warmth of neighborly communication. We’ll see houses where ghosts live. Yes, we have them too. This is not a tourist part of the city, and this tour is only for initiates, who are interested not only in appearance, but also in the soul of the city.

How to make the weekend memorable for a long time? Very simple. Just two and a half hours and you are in Tbilisi.
We offer to visit our city for the weekend with friends. In two days you can see amazing places, and most importantly, to participate in this Georgian feast. Warm rural house, fireplace, excellent home-made wine and home-the kitchen, the host with endless toasts, Georgian songs and dances that you have to execute.
The tour, with a group of 6 people or two tours, the feast in a village house, a transfer from / to the airport, tour guide service, comfortable minivan, accommodation in 3 star hotel with breakfast costs only 900 euro. the whole group (without flights). If the group is greater, the cost of the tour, based on the person will be less.
Decorate your weekend trip to Georgia!
PROGRAM weekend
1 day. Meeting at the airport. Hotel accommodation. Excursion in Tbilisi. We will see a plateau Metekhi, sulfur baths, cable car go up to the fortress Narikala, lurking: Peach gorge quarter Chardin, Peace Bridge, the ancient basilica Anchiskhati, Tower Gabriadze. From Tbilisi heading to the ancient capital of Georgia-Mtshetu.We will see ancient temple Jvari and Svetitskhoveli Cathedral. After the program Georgian feast in the village with homemade wine, songs and hospitable hosts.
Day 2. We leave in the recent trip to the 3000 year old cave city Uplistsikhe and visit the house-museum of Stalin, which is the leader of an armored car and a small house where he was born. Back in Tbilisi and we will have time to purchase souvenirs. At the end of the program transfer to the airport.