We are opening a new original route for small wineries of Eastern and Western Georgia. Of the 523 varieties of grapes that grow here, a small part of it is cultivated for winemaking. I want something new, and then all Saperavi and Rkatsiteli. And small farms play an important role in promoting unknown, but very colorful wines. It is there that you can taste wines like Chkhaveri, Tsolikauri, Ojaleshi pink Orbeli, Tsitska, Aladasturi, Dirbula, Krahuna, Tavkveri, Kisi. Names sound like a song. The wines of Western Georgia are lighter, sparkling, with sourness and unforgettable aroma. And so that the trip did not turn out to be too drunk, the route is laid along non-tourist places and you will see monuments that tourists have seen from the units.