Georgia is not only home of old statues and wine cradle, it is an inspiration for many writers, compositors and painters. Many fictional heroes were revivaled here. And we offer you to follow them step by step.
Old Greek have already mentioned Colchis (west Georgia) in their mithology. It was exactly in Svaneti where Prometheus was chained; In old Aia, (nowadays Kutaisi) occured the drama of Medea and Argonaut Jason, when they have stolen the golden fleece. Many centuries later, Cristoforo Castelli, Jean Chardin, Alexandre Dumas, Knut Hamsun, John Steinbeck and others were travelling and were filling the impressions. Inspired by Georgian beauty famous Russian poets such as A.Pushkin, L. Tolstoy, A. Chekhov, B. Pasternak were writing their master pieces. P.Chaikovsky and A.Rubinstein loved to arrive here. We offer you to arrive and see with your eyes to what were these remarkable people attracted to.