For nearly 40 years in Tbilisi we celebrate the event of the city.This holiday, which ends the work of the Georgian village of the year. Crop harvested, the wine ferments in kvevri, an abundance of fruit pleases the eye. This year’s festival will be held on October 15-16. These days, thousands of locals and guests will witness the unforgettable concerts, performances, exhibitions. The sounds of zurna and share (musical instruments) grabbed the best Palawan Georgian wrestling. New honorary citizens will be announced. The entire old town for two days immersed in the endless stream of festive events. And everywhere, at long tables in the open air, the river will pour wine, good, good Georgian wine. And where there is wine and juicy, fragrant kebabs. For two days the air is saturated with this mouth-watering smell. And the weather in October is truly magical, there is no summer heat, but also cold autumn have not yet occurred.
Do not miss this celebration, take a dip in it. Before winter cold it is here to stay with you.
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