In an age when we basically sit-in transport, at work, at home in front of the TV, with friends in a cafe, somehow it is forgotten that the journey can be on foot.Let’s also arrange a walking tour of the beautiful corners of Georgia, places where cars do not reach where there are no power lines and other attributes of civilization.But we will see ancient monasteries lost in forests, medieval arched bridges, ruined walls of unknown castles and endless waves of mountains covered with centuries-old forests, transparent rivers and mysterious lakes.We can offer tours near Tbilisi to the Rkoni Gorge (the monastery of the 7th, the arch bridge, the ruins of the ancient fortress), to the Aten gorge, to the gorge of the Dzama river (it is literally stuffed with antiquities) to the lost Lake Bateti. Away from Tbilisi, we will walk along the oldest in Georgia (he is more than 100 years old) Lagodekhi Reserve or the secret Eagle Gorge. In Borjomi-Kharagauli Park, the largest in Georgia (more than 1% of the country’s territory) we can offer multi-day routes, and a trip to the Mtirala Park (Colchi forest, waterfalls, lakes). We also offer hiking tours of the Caucasus Mountains, but this is a separate topic, requiring at least minimal physical training.